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We. Are. Solar.

Take advantage of the power of the sun.



Gain Energy Independence
and Security.

With technology use increasing, and power consumption at an all-time high, energy costs are constantly on the rise. Investing in your energy future now is the vest way to avoid rising utility costs and add value to your home or business. It's the perfect time to go solar. Choose to go green and reduce your home's carbon footprint without the hassle of changing your lifestyle or increasing your monthly budget.

Affiliate Solar has no money out of pocket programs to help you get started today. Instead of sending money every month to your utility company, you can redirect your money and own your own power. Most residential customers save $25,000 to $75,000 over 30 years. We also service commercial, industrial and non-profit customer who save $100,000 to several million on power over 30 years.

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Sleep in absolute peace knowing we guarantee our systems for 25 years.

We're the only energy firm that operates residentially and commercially throughout the entire United States and Puerto Rico.



Our work

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Homeowner: Chris Palmer

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Santaquin, Utah

Homeowner: Marc Bing

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San Jose, California

Homeowner: Noly Manglicmot 

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Mount Peasant, Utah

Customer: Compass Academy

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Draper, Utah

Customer: Wadsworth Development

How much will it cost to go solar?



About Us

After having experience in the traditional solar game and extensive experience in the building and business industry, the founders of Affiliate Solar had a brainchild and thus Affiliate Solar started out as an experiment.

What if educating people on the advantages of becoming a solar customer themselves and then helping them acquire other customers could open the door to a referral network of happy customers who get paid every-time they let others know about their solar system? What if it could also help save our planet, create clean energy and 10% of all profits could go to support the founder’s passion of rescuing trafficked children through the Operation Underground Railroad organization? The benefits were endless and yet, thus far, no one had ever done it. The question was, “What if….?” Well, that “What if….?” Turned into a “Why not?” and became the results of a thriving US and Puerto Rico Solar Energy Company.